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Booking Conditions

1. In General

The conditions contained in this Agreement shall be valid for all cases included in the contract. Changes can only be made in writing form with the agreement of both parties.

1. Services means selected stays which are bought or choosen from virtual catalog of the Agency or compiled on the basis of individual client requirements.

2. The exact specification of your stay includes a confirmation of your stay by Agency, which the client will receive after booking confirmation.

3. The Subject of the contract is for care of the client for all long stay in the agreed scope.

2. Time limits

1. The contractual relationship between Agency and the Client starts in writing completed form and confirmed by customers. (for minors signed by the legal representative of the application), or confirmation of a written order signed by the authorized representative and paid full amount for the stay or paid deposit amount for the stay. The contractual relationship formed also by making your reservations via e-mail in a short text I am ordering the stay/ services... Or the similar version of the object is clear the ordering services or stay.

2. The contractual relationship ends 15 days after the period of the stay, date of expiry of the right to raise claims.

3. Methods of order

1. The client can order the stay directly on the Website, making reservation via e-mail, respectively by telephone. The Agency undertakes client within 24 hours notify the acceptance of their stay and to issue the necessary documents (booking confirmation and proforma invoice). They will be immediately sent by e-mail.

4. Price of the Stay

1. The final price of your stay and care for the client based on the client's requirements to stay and are based on a price list of the Agency services.

2. The Agency reserves the right to adjust prices just in case that during the period from pricing the stays and arrival tothe hotel or other establishments there is a change in legislative or tax regulations and any changes form the point called  "Force majeure".

3. Selected discounts arising from contractual relations of the Agency Vitalistravel or business offers in electronic catalog may not be combine. If the client is entitled to discounts of several types, each time pays  % or nominal higher.

6. Obligations of the Client

1. To Provide all the informations and formalities to the Agency which are necessary for the making proper reservation, in particular truthfully and completely fill out an application form.

2. In due time pay for the stay.

3. In the case of medical stay client has to acquainted with contraindications applicable to the indications for which the spa treatment treated. If positive occurrence of any relevant contraindications, it is not  possible a treatment at the spa.

4. When the group stays, instruct authorized representative with whom the Agency communicate and to inform the customers group with the conditions and the information from the Agency gets.

5. If the transport of stay is included, the client has to arrive at the point of departure in due time.

6. It is your responsability to ensure that you are in possession of the correct visas , permits and certificates for your trip . We are not responsible and we will not refund the price paid where you are denided boading or entry into the Country due to incorrect travel documents.

7. You should also have a suitable travel insurance coverage.

7. Exclusion client of stay

1. The client, who during their stay violates legal regulations of the State, ignore the program of the stay, refuses to follow the instructions of the guides or  staff which is accomodated,  verbally attacks the representative of the Agency as well as holiday centers, damaging property in the establishment and its behavior limits the rights of others clients may be excluded from the stay and returned home at their own expenses.  Without refund for unused services.

8. Changes agreed services

1. If there are exceptional circumstances and conditions so as a result. "Force majeure", the Agency can cancel the stay or change the program (date, route, price, mode of transport, accommodations), and shall be entitled to reimbursement of previously provided services.

2. The cancellation made by Agency has to be notified the client immediately, within 7 days to return the full paid amount and if the client requests it, preferably to put him in the space provided in a stay of his choice.

3. In the major changes of the program (Changing the date of stay compared to the set date for more than 24 hours, increase the tour price by more than 10%, change of accommodation outside of the area, change the mode and change the establishment in a lower category) the Agency is responsible to obtain the consent of the customer and set a time period in which has to say their decision. For this major changes to the program the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without a cancellation fee and without financial claims against the Agency. If the customer will not to inform the agency about the cancellation within a specified period,  the client agrees with the changes.

4. Equipment, size and location of rooms, apartments and studios in the same establishment is not always the same. Their assignment is carried out principally by the hotel, and the Agency  does not effect it.

9. Complaint Procedure

1. If the Agency, hotel or other supplier do not provide all the services of the stay in its scope and quality, the client has the right to complain. Stay for the subject of the complaint not considered damage and property losses incurred guilt or complicity client.

2. The complaint must be applied immediately in the place of establishment or stay with the guide or representative of the property, stating the reasons. If the guide or representative of the hotel are no able to put things right on the spot, they has to write down with the client the Complaint protocol. This report is a condition for the recognition of the claim. The report shall be wrote down in triplicate (1 to guide or representative of the hotel, 2 for the client) and signed by the guide or representative of the hotel and by the client.

3. One copy of the complaint is client obliged to send a travel agency no later than 15 calendar days from the date of return from the trip. Upon expiry of the prescribed period the Agency will have no regard to the complaint.

4. If the client for subjective reasons does not use a secure service, he shall not be entitled to compensation or discount.