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Hovercraft Tour

Hovercraft Tour Packages
Country: Slovakia
City: Trnava
Duration: 0 Hour(s) - 20 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Hovercraft

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You can hover over the path, natural terrain, snow and even on the water. To really enjoyed the ride, drive a hovercraft is ideal in fine weather, but in fact you can ride hovercraft test at any time, weather or terrain.

Float safely!

Hovercraft moves the rudder by means of a pressure air from the fans. No brakes, but it is nevertheless a truly safe experience that you can indulge. It's perfect that you do not need to control hovercraft driving license, so it can actually try each. If you are already tired of all the other means of transport, with hovercraft finally you will experience a real adrenaline ride for which you have been waiting for!


Hovercraft is suitable for both men and women from 18 years.

The weather

It does not affect while driving. Hovercraft rides in any weather, in summer and winter.


The duration of the experience is 20 minutes.

The number of participants

Built to carry hovercraft 1-2 persons. During the journey it is possible to take turns (max. 5 persons).


Spectators are welcome. They can also shoot film.

The clothes

We recommend sports clothing with long sleeves in winter months, it is necessary to dress very warm.


Yearly. Ideally However, since May to October.

Reservation deadline

At least two weeks in advance.

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