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Driny Cave

Bratislava, Slovakia

Underground pearl of the Lesser Carpathians

The Driny Cave is the only show cave in the western Slovakia and one of the main tourist attractions of the Lesser Carpathians. As compared with other show caves in Slovakia, where usually larger underground spaces prevail, it represents a system of narrow fissure passages, however with beautiful dripstone decoration.

The show path is 450 m long with 10 m vertical distance and 151 steps. The visit in cave lasts 35 min. Cave temperature is from 7,1 to 7,8°C.

Cave interior consists of narrow fissure passages (Collaborators’ Passage, Beňovský‘s Passage, Slovak Speleological Society Hall). A rich sinter fill decorates fissure underground spaces. Flowstone draperies with indented facing are typical for this cave. Flowstone waterfalls and flowstone structures, pagoda-like stalagmites and various forms of stalactites occur her. Also small flowstone pools, supplied with water by percolating rainfall water, can be found here

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