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Kremnica Town

Kremnica, Slovakia

KREMNICA was one of the richest towns of the Kingdom of Hungary. Today it is the centre of tourism and recreation.

KREMNICA (population 5,700) situated in the western part of central Pohronie not far away from the geographic centre of Europe, which coincides with the church in the locality Kremnické Bane. Kremnica becomes very lively in summer time when the festival of humour and satire Kremnické gagy (Gags of Kremnica) is held here. The name of Kremnica is closely linked with popularity of skiing. In its vicinity the traditional ski race Biela stopa Kremnica-Skalka (The White Track of the Slovak National Uprising) is held every year.


The settlement obtained privileges of the free royal and mining borough from King Charles Robert in 1328. Special privilege was that of coinage. The mint of Kremnica was founded by mint masters, invited here from Kutná Hora in Bohemia by the king of the Kingdom of Hungary. A year after its founding in 1329 the first Old Hungarian groschen coins were struck here.

The mint of Kremnica also produced the ducats, which were highly praised for their quality and beauty and joined the most favourite coins in Europe. In the 16th century the craft involved in medal-making was also introduced. Commemorative coins, medals, and coins of different countries of the world are still struck in Kremnica today.


The buildings in the historic centre are the parts of the Town Monument Reserve.
The central area of the town is the Štefánikovo námestie square with its dominant, which is the town castle and the Gothic church of St. Catherine, built in the 15th century. The pride of the church is the old organ with wonderful sound appreciable above all during the traditional summer event Kremnický hradný organ (The Castle Organ of Kremnica).

The oldest part of the town in general is the ossuary of St. Andrew from the 13th century. Part of the castle is also the Hodinová veža (Clock Tower), remains of the former town hall, three bastions and the northern Vežová bránagate.

The gem of the Štefánikovo námestie square is the bulky Baroque Trinity Pillar. In the north-western corner of the square is the building of mintMúzeum mincí a medailí (Museum of coins and medals) situated in an old burgher house in the southern row of houses offers more information about the craft of coinage and its tradition in Kremnica. Visitors can try to strike mints by their own hands.

The eastern row of the square apart from several old burgher houses also contains the building of the new town hall.


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