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Miniatures Park

Trenčín, Slovakia

In the past,there were more than 150 castles on the territory of Slovakia. Now, you can visit only a fragment of them. The majority is in ruins. Some disappeared from the face of the Earth at all. Many of you will say it is a pity. But we can warm your heart. More than 50 models of castles, churches and other historical objects in Slovakia in the original form 300 - 500 years ago can be seen in the Miniature Park in Podolie, near Nové Mesto nad Váhom.

The Miniature Park is a small kingdom of castles and châteaux, cottages and tower in Slovakia. It is easily accessible, near the highway from Bratislava to Žilina and it will attract you by the vivid history that was nearly forgotten, by interesting events, family atmosphere and our minifarm that already has four inhabitants, waiting for the fifth to be born. The complex is close to the Elementary school, right on the Main street of the village of Podolie, but you must well observe the street not to miss it. The surroundings of the park attracts all the history fans and you can also go to visit the Čachtický hrad - Čachtice Castle, which reopened in May,Hrad Beckov - Beckov Castle, Tematín or the Trenčiansky hrad - Trenčiansky Castle. Within 25 km from the complex, there are several interesting places for children. 

On the area of about 1 hectare, there are 50 models. The biggest model represents the Holíčsky Castle with the dimensions 6 x 6 m, the most mysterious model is the reconstruction of the Čachtický Castle from the year 1700, the most picturesque model is the reconstruction of the castle Tematín around the year 1700, the most beautiful model is the reconstruction of the castle Krásna Hôrka in the form from 2012, and the last, unfinished model is that of Beckovský Castle. The founders of the complex wanted to save 3 to 4 pieces of cultural heritage a year in a smaller form, to reconstruct the form from 300-400 years ago and to show them to the public. The park is unique due to the fact that the models represent Slovak castles, which are nowadays in ruins, in all their past glory. It is a scientific reconstruction of their original appearance. Every model in the Park is unique. The models are build like contemporary scientific reconstructions. Every construction is based on a detailed project documentation. As building materials, we use concrete mixtures combined with wood, plates and hardened plastic, some models, like the models of wooden churches, are made of wood only. 

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