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Spa Of Bojnice

Bojnice, Slovakia

Bojnice is the world famous spa in the region of Upper Nitra. History of this town is connected with local sulphurous hot springs.

The spa along with the Castle of Bojnice, which is not far away, were once owned by the magnate Matúš Čák Trenčiansky, the families of Korvín, Thurzo, and Pálffy. It was precisely the Pálffy family who invested efforts in establishing and promoting the local spa. In the 1930s, the shoe manufacturer Ján Baťa, perhaps known in the whole world, owned Bojnice.   

The spa also has one of the oldest and most beautiful spa parks in Slovakia. Hot springs are applied in therapy of nervous disorders and those of locomotion apparatus.

In 1959 Bojnice obtained the statute of a spa town. Nine mineral hot springs with temperature 28-52° C are exploited while there are seven hyperthermal and isothermal pools available. Hydrotherapeutic procedures, electrotherapy, acupuncture, oxygen therapy, stays in salt cave are the methods currently offered.

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