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Spa Rajecké Teplice

Rajecké Teplice, Slovakia

The local alkaline thermal springs were known in the spa Rajecké Teplice south of Žilina as early as 14th century.

In the 17th century the spa was built here. Rajecké Teplice now is one of the most attractive spas in Slovakia. It is indicated for therapy ofrheumatic disease of locomotion apparatus, neurosis and some occupational diseases.

The newly constructed compound of spa buildings Aphrodite furnished in antique styleand equipped with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic apparatuses is especially attractive. Thanks to composition and temperature (38 degrees of Celsius) of the local medicinal water, it is highly curative.

There is also a public swimming pool and a beautiful spa park. The forested rock mountains of Skalky rises above the spa. It is accessible by well-maintained paths and its top offers an all-encompassing view.

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