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Minting & Mining Tour In Kremnica City

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Kremnica In 1328 King Charles Robert elevated Kremnica to the status of a royal town of miners and coin makers. The town's reputation for mining gold and silver extended far beyond its borders. The gold thus . .
Country: Slovakia
City: Kremnica
Duration: 7 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours
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In 1328 King Charles Robert elevated Kremnica to the status of a royal town of miners and coin makers. The town's reputation for mining gold and silver extended far beyond its borders. The gold thus became the building block upon which hinged the founding and development of the town, a process that led to the building of a coinage mint and the influx of experts mostly from the Holy Roman Empire.

Mining shafts around Kremnica and Kremnica mines were used not only to drain water but also for exploration. The oldest of the shafts, called Upper „Heritable“ Tunel, is mentioned in written records dated from as early as 1385.

Among the valuable historical legacy of coins minted in Kremnica are Kremnica florins, golden ducats, and silver dollars with embossed lilies of the House of Anjou.

The church castle of Kremnica – the name itself, relating to the location of the church, is a rarity. It is situated on an elevated spot and takes pride in its tower, which offers a truly spectacular view of the entire surrounding area. Thanks to its unique acoustics, the church part of the castle hosts the largest clerical as well as secular organ festivals in Slovakia. In Kremnica mines nearby you will find a place considered to be the geographical center of Europe.


Our Guide will meet you at your hotel in Kremnica or any other place.

After the historical center of Kremnica Town, you will go to visit the Museum of Coins and Medals where are presented all historical coins and medals from the beginning of minting in Slovakia:

Museum of Coins and Medals:

precious and rare coins and medals from the production of the Mint Kremnica operating at longest in Europe (since 1328 up to the present time), unique exhibits related to the history of money on the territory of Slovakia, more than a thousand years of mining history in Kremnica

Then you will go to visit the Castle of Kremnica.

When you finish with the castle we will go for lunch to the local restaurant where you can choose from different kinds of dishes from Slovak and French cuisine.

You will continue the tour by visiting Mint in Kremnica.

The Mint of Mincovňa Kremnica was established in 1328, and for nearly seven centuries it has continuously been producing mint articles that rank, in many terms, among the world's top products. The seven centuries-long experience in minting creates the capacity to produce a wide variety of extraordinarily high-quality products, and thus satisfy hundreds of customers every year.

Kremnica Mint is one of only a few mints whose production focus extends beyond coins and medals. Our high-standard technological plant, combined with the talents of our people, make us capable of manufacturing high-quality plaques, tokens, badges, pendants, tie pins, stamps, labels, awards, Mayor's chains, orders, and many other articles.

Then we will follow by underground tour of the mining museum.

We would like to invite you to visit our mining museum which is located in Andrej Adit Kremnica. This adit is also called ” The Centuries crossing”. In a 60-minute-long adventure walk you will travel through time - with the help of exhibits from the 17th to the 20th century. You will learn about the history of gold and silver mining in the old mining town, which produced the majority of gold in Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Visit us and you will never forget traveling through time and more than 60 meters underground wearing mining helmets with lights.


Andrej Adit is accessible at a length of 660 meters. In this exposition, we have tried to show the work of miners in their original environment which this relatively new adit permits. Currently, we are also presenting the activities of miners from the 17th up to the 20th century. Installed equipment consists of different machines and tools being used at the workplace.

The ambient atmosphere of the underground allows visitors to learn about the working conditions of miners in the previous centuries.

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The minimum person in the group is 6 people.

The Sightseeing of Kremnica we can organize also from Bratislava and other cities. Also for different numbers of the groups. Prices might be different. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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